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    What is jQuery?

    jQuery is a programming language you be able to use to build cool web applications. It’s free of cost, powerful, pretty simple to set up and learn, and it has extensions and plugging accessible to do nearly anything you could imagine. You can find started fast, and you won’t outgrow it later when you find actually good at it.

    The most fundamental idea you need to grasp is that a web page is just a group of text, structured in a certain way, which is shown by a browser. The browser reads this text and forms a model of the page in memory named the ‘document object model.’ jQuery is light in weight JavaScript library with the slogan of “write less, do more.”

    In fact, you can build nice effects with the use of some lines of jQuery code. Its syntax is straightforward to understand. It aids in having an idea of what is planned to help you do. If you didn’t have, then the means you would build things that occur in the browser is to use a language named JavaScript.

    Companies use jQuery

    The following companies have used jQuery in their things:

    The most excellent Features of jQuery

    The following are the vital features of jQuery. jQuery makes simpler more complicated things from JavaScript, such as AJAX calls and DOM manipulation

    • HTML manipulation
    • DOM manipulation
    • DOM element choice
    • CSS manipulation
    • Effects and Animations
    • Utilities
    • AJAX
    • HTML event techniques
    • JSON Parsing
    • Extensibility through plug-ins

    Why jQuery is required

    Sometimes, a query can come to mind that what is the requirement of jQuery, or what difference it creates on bringing jQuery in its place of AJAX/ JavaScript? jQuery is the alternative of AJAX and JavaScript? For the whole of these questions, here are the following answers.

    • It is very quick and extensible.
    • It facilitates the folks to write UI related function codes in the least possible lines.
    • It makes better the performance of an application.
    • Browser’s well-matched web applications can be developed.
    • It uses predominantly new functions of new browsers.

    Thus, you can say that out of more JavaScript frameworks; jQuery is the more well-liked and the most extendable. Numerous of the biggest companies use jQuery on the web.

    Which Version of jQuery File has to be used?

    In most of the current releases so far, the main functionality of jQuery remains similar. However, some cooler and superior features are added. Preferably, you should use the most recent jQuery files. By doing this, you make sure that your previous functionality will still work, and you can use new features accessible as part of the new release. Compressed and uncompressed copies of jQuery files are easily reached. The uncompressed file is good used throughout development or debugging; the compressed file saves bandwidth and makes better performance in creation.

    What makes jQuery so influential and universal?

    The JavaScript language was origin in 1995. Since then, it’s functioning in different browsers (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox) on the marketplace has made a pretty messy way. Over a lot of versions (both language browsers), some functions have been retained; another does not. Therefore, a single instruction can be known JavaScript in a browser and not in another, even in some form of a browser and not in another. What a bother for programmers!

    Luckily, jQuery comes to the save: Defining its own set of orders, it works as a wrapper for diverse versions of JavaScript, whether existing or coming. On the other side, it lets browsers present on the marketplace, their several versions, and their compatibility with the rules of JavaScript and AJAX.

    For a script written in JavaScript to run accurately on different forms of each browser, Programmer-like, you have to set up a series of tests and run a particular code for every browser and version.

    With jQuery, these tests are needless: just run the essential instructions, in spite of the browser used, or version of JavaScript well-matched with this browser.

    Where appropriate, the whole these tests are made so clear. In your situation, you only have to be anxious about the code.

    Keep in mind, jQuery is very handy, but do not enjoy and consider only of the visual development: a page must leading base on solid HTML bases!