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    jQuery allows web developers to add extra functionality to their websites. It is Open Source and available as free under the MIT license. It is the JavaScript library that can also work with Ajax Core and Scripting Languages, like PHP and ASP, to access Data and Database. jQuery features DOM (Document Object Model) Element Selections using ‘Sizzle’. Sizzle is a spin-off of the jQuery Project, and is a multi-browser Open Source Selector Engine. DOM is a programming interface for HTML and XML Documents, and represents the same document so it can be manipulated. The DOM is an object oriented Web Page representation. DOM can be manipulated by Scripting Languages like JavaScript and jQuery. We now proceed to demonstrate some Awesome jQuery Plugins that can be very useful.


    jQuery is a fast, small and feature-rich JavaScript Library, that makes HTML document manipulation, event handling, animation and Ajax, much simpler, by creating an API (Application Programming Interface) that is easy to use across a number of browsers. It is light-weight and makes JavaScript much easier to use on the User’s website. Where JavaScript uses a large number of lines of code to execute simple tasks, jQuery can wrap them up into methods that can be called with a single line of code. As of May 2019, jQuery is used by 73% of the 10 million most popular websites. The original author was John Resig. Its initial release date was August 26th 2006. Its present version, as on May 2019, is 3.4.1, and the Licensee is MIT. The size varies from 30-263 KB.

    Awesome Stunners

    And here are some Awesome jQuery Plugins that will be loved by Users:

    • Slick Player: This is a fully responsive carousel, with autoplay, callbacks, lazy loading and so on, with all sorts of options.
    • AnchorScroll.js: Here’s an easy and a lightweight Plugin smooth scroll to anchor targeting, & further there’s an option while scrolling to add blurred effects to the body, as well as a bounce effect. Super smooth scrolling to help one stand out.
    • Tilted Page Scroll: A superb effect that tilts into viewing as the user scrolls up the page, and then again tilts out of view as it scrolls out to the page top.
    • Muuri: Its layout system enables the User to place assorted sized grid items of within a container in any way imaginable. It can arrange everything in a first fit manner, but it can also sort, filter, and drag responsively. Niklas Ramo’s creation can also accept the User’s algorithm, and arrange the layout accordingly.
    • Focus point: The image looks amazing if this Plugin is used. It makes sure that the focal point is not cropped out of any page, even as it is automatically cropped everywhere else to suit certain viewpoints. Unwanted parts are cropped out first.
    • RTO+ Video: This is the secret to having one’s own Video Player, with full control, even on embedded video as from You Tube. It is easy to customize and build the Player with this fabulous Plugin. It can get its video from the User’s server or CDN, or even from a public Video stream. HTML5 video tag can be used whenever required.
    • Round Slider: This enables the Users in an array of selection of values by mousing over a circle. The circular slider can be full, or half, or quarter or even pie shapes. CSS schemes allow the theme looking like speedometers. There are no real images, only JavaScript and CSS, to create the illusion.
    • jInvertScroll: This can use horizontal scroll with parallax effect to create an illusion of depth in a panoramic landscape scene. The two landscape layers moving at diverse speeds and enhance the simulation.
    • Face Detection: This Plugin is terrific. It uses face Detection algorithm by Liu Liu, written by Jay Salvat, to detect and record the co-ordinates of human faces in images, canvases and videos.
    • Slinky: This is a fine stylish menu that never grows old. Applicable in situations where there are a lot of sub-menus, any sub-menu selected is simply slided over by an animation.
    • SVGMagic: These images will look sharp at any size, and there’s no worry about unstable or non-supportive browsers. The SVG images are searched upon and replaced by PNG versions where SVG is not supported.
    • Tabslet: This is a light-weight Plugin for making Tabs. It supports rotation, custom events, next/previous controls, deep linking and a whole lot of other useful functionality.
    • Nanogallery 2: This is responsive and very fast and supports Cloud storage. It simplifies image galleries and multilevel navigation is possible easily in Lightbox, Albums, Slideshow, Full screen, image lazy load etc.

    There are numerous jQuery Plugins available, more than 8500, but the Plugins above are absolutely awesome.